Reach for the stars with your dreams

My name is Lisamarie Duffy, I am a spiritual medium and Integrated Energy Therapy Trainer and Therapist. I have been a natural psychic, medium from a birth and have been working with the Angels from a very young age. It has completely transformed my life, and that of others. I offer Angelic readings and healing sessions online globally and in person throughout ireland. 

IET - Healing with the energy of the Angels certified classes and sessions I am certified to teach as an IET Master Instructor Trainer with my sixteen years experience. 

This therapy has absolutely changed my life and is such a powerful practice, it brings you a deeper connection to the Angels and Archangels and leads you towards your life purpose in life, in whatever way that means for you. It awakens your spiritual gifts through receiving a powerful attunement from the Angelic realm. It opens all doors to love, compassion, forgiveness and freedom and with so much love and emotion from the Angels I wish to share this energy with as many people as I can. It has touched so many peoples lives in so many ways.

let this page  plant a little seed of light and love within you from Archangel Ariel and the Divine healing Angels