Psychic 101

  • This course is designed to give you an hour a week class to your on device in the comfort of your own home available on replay at your own pace
  • You will given the option of being added to a private group with only other students of psychic 101 or to have each class delivered to your own personal email address.

 This course is aimed towards those students that would like to develop your psychic awareness.

In this course you will learn 

  • What are your spiritual gifts,  what are your gifts ?
  •   deepening awareness exercises connecting with your guides and angels,  third eye opening with protection.
  • learning how to use your tools, which are Crystals, balls, cards and pendulums, diving rods,
  • working with the different elementals and guides,  passing information,  delivering messages
  • confidence building protection, protection, protection.

Through study prayer and meditation.

you will feel lovingly held in a loving space as you let your journey unfold. 

You will be given all the tools to help you to step into your own power with your gifts.

Cost 10€ per week Total cost of the 6 weeks 60€ prices are reduced during the pandemic