Empath 101 - A Spiritual Development Course for the Empath,

This is aimed for the Empath, Clairsentient, giving you a navagation through how to strenghten your spiritual gifts and awareness while learning many techniques on protection, boundaries and standing in your power. This course has been guieded from the Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Divine Feminine.. as i fully believe a reclaiming of your Soverign Divinty and learning to stand in your power and strenght energetically will help you to fully embrace whom you are and why you are here and help you to transform your life from the inside out.. 


This course will be available straight away, along with course notes, to your email address and video classes straight to your device.. I have received such amazing reviews.. 

Iam keeping the investment low to 60euro for 6 weeks or 10 euro per week.. so contact me to sign up.. I will add a link to paypal  https://paypal.me/lisaangelicireland?locale.x=en_US


Reviews on Empath 101 - 2021

Hi Lisamarie ,
I have just completed week one and wow so amazing ! Love the little practices that you encourage ! Will continue to incorporate them! Can you please send me notes for week one just in case I missed anything ! Thank you 😊 hope you have a beautiful day


Hi lisamarie 🥰 I just want to message to say that I’m loving your course so much 💖 I resonate so much with all that you’re saying and connecting with the angels and ascended masters in this way through your guidance just feels like pure love. Your such an amazing person and I’m finding the course so powerful 💖💖💖 xxx

Thank you for all the videos, they’re super! Always feel lighter after. Funny you talking about unicorns 🦄 Even though I am spiritual I never believed in them until I dreamt one night where a unicorn visited me. I often get images of Unicorns throughout my day.

Morning Lisamarie, just wanted to check in, I have been listening to week 1 every morning this week and it is really resonating with me in a way that it didn't last summer. Really enjoying it, Thank you ❤😇.


The reviews are endless.. and it warms my heart to receive them..